Simplified ISV Partner Support

Global file exchangeA well-known fact is that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will always need to exchange files with their partners. In these symbiotic relationships, the files are often massive (i.e., core dumps), highly sensitive (i.e., public company databases) or both.

This is a two-way street: Vendors push new builds and patches to partners and partners push log files and corrupt databases back to vendors. These are frequent exchanges and pose several laborious issues. Software vendors exert significant labor in managing partner credentials and staging files where they are secure but easily accessible for partner IT personnel. For partners, fast uploads and downloads and ease of access can be critical in time-sensitive situations.

Moving on from FTP

FTP had its place but managing traditional standalone FTP servers, server storage and access credentials is overhead that few software vendors can afford anymore. Shipping CDs or thumb drives is slow and a security risk — the world has moved on.

Today software companies exchange files with the Thru platform. Thru eliminates the hassle of partner onboarding and managing credentials. Partners’ access requests are easily routed in a simple approval process and storage and staging folders for exchange are automatically provisioned. Decommissioning the exchange area is just as straightforward.

Out-of-band file exchanges are easily handled with Thru’s desktop tools with access to the partner’s unique exchange location on the portal.

Flexible Deployment Models

Since Thru servers can be located anywhere, choosing a hybrid cloud and on-premises approach may solve speed and some accessibility issues. Software vendors enjoy local area network wire speed transfers while partners worldwide can access, download and upload shared files with cloud storage that mirrors to the on-premises portal. For many software companies, this capability represents the best of both worlds. Every action in the portal is easily tracked, helping to streamline SAS audits.

The Bottom Line

Cost is always a serious consideration for the head of any IT department but the hidden costs of outdated technology certainly affect the bottom line of many software vendors. You must consider the administrative costs of managing outdated methodologies and technology.

As your software company grows so does the number of partners you need to support. The burden of maintaining partner data can become a nightmare if not addressed — and the sooner, the better. Using the Thru Platform, the ISV can avoid bottlenecks and outdated file exchange workflows that interminably lead to unhappy and under-serviced customers and partners.

Keep’em happy. Use Thru.


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