Secure File Transfer Bridges the Gap for Enterprise Applications


Partnering for Secure File Transfer

No Company Is an Island

Poet John Donne’s well-known phrase “No man is an island” resonates very well in our contemporary business environment. To compete and grow in today’s world, companies can no longer solely rely on the products, solutions and talent developed within their own organization. Customers demand that applications and data from multiple sources are combined into a single, easy-to-use platform or business solution, enabling efficient workflow while protecting their technology and data assets. The companies that recognize this and serve their customers with complete end-to-end solutions by partnering with other products and solutions providers are positioning themselves to increase both customer acquisition and retention.

At Thru, we often find ourselves bridging the gap in an application where there is a need to exchange large volumes of data between a company and their customers and business partners with secure file transfer.

Thru provides the ability to exchange files of any size reliably and securely with anyone, anywhere in the world with comprehensive controls and tools for tracking and auditing. For example, by integrating with Thru’s standard connectors or through our extensible API, Thru partners that provide CRM solutions to a vast array of industries are streamlining the customer support process, enhancing their customers’ experience and adding value to their solution. Thru runs in the background so the company brand remains at the forefront. With Thru as an enterprise-class alternative to unsanctioned and disparate consumer-based solutions or as a direct FTP replacement, the customer no longer needs to leave the CRM application to complete a step in the support process. The result is a vastly improved experience for end-users and increased functionality that also provides a revenue opportunity for the company.

To survive and thrive in today’s business climate, companies must look beyond their own four walls to deliver the superior performance that their customers and markets demand. By providing simple tools for integration, Thru has enabled our partners to provide comprehensive solutions under their own brand, increasing their customers’ satisfaction and return on investment while opening up new revenue opportunities for themselves.


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