Deploys to Meet your Unique Needs

Cloud | On-Premises | Hybrid

Thru Cloud

Deploy in our global network of data centers to keep data in your territory and cache it around the globe for fast and efficient file sharing.

low latency uploads and downloads

Sync data centers around the globe for low latency uploads and downloads

Deploy instantly

Deploy instantly without hardware dependencies, installation or costs

Reduce costs

Reduce IT and administration costs

Your Cloud

Set up a Thru server in Your Cloud to host all data on your own network and maintain control of physical servers.

Various configurations

Various configurations: Single Server or VM Deployment, Multiple Server or VM Deployment


Communicates with any other Cloud or on-premises portal

achieve wire speeds

Enable on-site employees to achieve wire speeds


Deploy in the Cloud and Your Cloud to sync specified folders and leverage the benefits of both.

Experience wire speeds

Experience wire speeds when on-premises; access specified data when off-premises

sync specified data globally

Access to global data centers to sync specified data globally

speak with any other instance of Thru

Ability to speak with any other instance of Thru

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