Webinar: Deliver Software and Easily Manage Entitlement Using Your CRM Systems

LP 20160728 Deliver Software and Easily Manage Entitlement webinar 244

Ian Snead, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, Thru, Inc.
Length: 27:41

Join us for this webinar to see how your company can easily integrate an electronic software delivery capability with your CRMs and take your software delivery and entitlement to the next level.

Learn how with Thru you can:

  • Integrate software delivery with your CRMs like Salesforce or Oracle and reduce fulfillment costs
  • Ensure only entitled customers have access to the software
  • Utilize over 100 Thru API calls to tailor your file transfer needs with minimal coding
  • Get familiar with the API and tools for complex and mission critical enterprise level integration

Increase customer satisfaction and arm your customer service reps via your CRM systems with the latest delivery and support information. Many companies like Manhattan Associates and Sage did it with Thru and you can do it, too.

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