Thru Tip: Add Secure File Upload Link to Your Email Signature


In a previous Thru tip, we showed you how to create a link to your Thru Dropbox™ to give your customers and partners an easy and secure way to send you large files. Now that you have your link created, you may be wondering, “where should I add this link to?” In today’s tip, we will show you how to add your Thru Dropbox link in a place most of your contacts see every day: your email signature!

Since email is a primary tool people use for communication, adding your Thru Dropbox link to your email signature ensures that all of your contacts have a way to send you files securely.

Use the steps below to get started.

  1. First, locate the email signature settings in your email app so you can make edits. In the example below we will be using Microsoft Outlook.
  2. When you have located your signature, add a sentence that you want to use as the link to your Thru Dropbox (e.g. “My Dropbox™: Send me files securely”)
  3.  Blog - Outlook Signature

  4. Next, select the text you just added and click the hyperlink button to add your Thru Dropbox link. In this example, we are linking only the text that says “Send me files securely.”
  5.  Edit Signature Shot

     Dropbox Hyperlink

  6. Once you have added the link to your signature, you can remind your contacts to click the link whenever they need to send you files with sensitive information, or files that are too large for standard email attachments. Note: Make sure you add the link to both your “New Message” and “Reply” signatures!
  7.  Dropbox Link

  8. When someone clicks on the link, it will take them to a Secure Upload page where they can follow the steps to send you files. Every time files are uploaded to your Thru Dropbox, an email notification will be sent to your inbox to let you know you have new files to download.
  9.  Dropbox Upload Page

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