Thru Tip: Publishing Thru Documents on the Web


Have multiple documents in Thru you want to make available to anyone for download? In this week’s tip, we will show you how your company can use the Thru Publishing feature to make any number of files available to the public from a single link.

Thru gives your company the ability to set up public “Collection” pages, which are accessed via unique links. A collection page makes it easy to have a single place for all your customers and partners to download specific content. Each collection can be given a different name to organize content by category (e.g. User Guides, Design Templates, Training Videos). After your company has set up its collection pages, anyone who is a user on your company’s Thru site can request files to be published to each page.

All requests must be approved by an administrator before they are published to a collection. When an administrator is notified of a publishing request, they can see the details of the request like the name and location of the file, as well as the user’s profile information.

Below is an example of a published collection for design templates. Links to published pages can be embedded on company web pages or can be sent via email or messaging applications. Administrators can deactivate published files at any time and also overwrite existing files when they need to be updated.

Design Templates - Thru Publishing

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