Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

Does Thru support HTTPS file transfers?
How do they work?

Yes. Thru supports HTTPS file transfers with the Thru Node.

What is the Thru Node?

The Thru Node is a command line agent that is installed on your or your partners’ computers. It is orchestrated from the cloud but installed on-premises.

Thru MFT node is used to orchestrate from the cloud to on-premise secure file transfers

How do HTTPS file transfers work in Thru?

Because Thru can act as a client or server, the node can always be used as an endpoint.

How to Use HTTPS to Securely Transfer Files

Situation 1: Node to Server

The node pushes files to Thru, which pushes them to a target server endpoint.

MFT node used to push files to Thru and push secure file transfers to server

Situation 2: Node to Client

The node pushes files to Thru, then the target client endpoint pulls them.

MFT node is used to push files to Thru and target client pulls secure file transfers

How do customers use Thru Node?

Customers use the node for external and internal file transfers.

Use Case 1: External File Transfers

Several hundred wholesalers frequently transfer files detailing inventory levels and orders to a manufacturer. The wholesalers have little IT expertise or time to set up or maintain servers. The manufacturer asks each wholesaler to install a lightweight Thru node. With the nodes, each wholesaler drops files into a folder on their laptop to automatically transfer them.

wholesalers use Thru MFT node to securely transfers files to manufacturers

Use Case 2: Internal File Transfers

An enterprise stores signed contracts on two servers in different geographic locations so that it always has a backup copy. A Thru node is installed on each server. Node A transfers the signed contracts to Node B.

Thru node installed on each server to store contracts for enterprises

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