File Transfer Integrations

Connect to cloud services, business applications and partner endpoints

Diagram that shows our managed file transfer software integrates with MFT agent, APIs, Boomi, MuleSoft, Salesforce, Outlook, Amazon S3

Automated File Transfer Connections

Integration Platform (EiPaaS) Connectors

Thru’s EiPaaS-certified connectors for Boomi and MuleSoft link MFT data flows to EiPaaS process flows to pass files over the data channel. For example, files from multiple external partner endpoints may require processing by the same EiPaaS process. In this case, multiple external partner endpoints can subscribe to a single Thru data flow linked to a single EiPaaS flow.

Diagram that shows Thru MFT connector for integration platforms dropping off and picking up files from the integration platform

Monitor surrounded by floating elements, demonstrating connectivity for HTTPS, SFTP and FTPS

Client/Server Connectivity

Thru can act as a client or server for SFTP and FTPS protocols. This ability gives your IT team the flexibility of inbound or outbound connections to respond to business and security requirements.

Cloud Storage Connectors

Automate file transfers to and from your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. For example, configure files transferred to an SFTP endpoint to be archived to Amazon S3.

Cloud storage cylinders with floating elements, demonstrating connectivity for SFTP, FTPS and Amazon S3

Diagram that shows the enterprise's MFT agent transferring files to partners, who have MFT agents

MFT Agent

Thru Nodes are MFT agents that connect remote branches to headquarters or manage transfers on a network that are all controlled from Thru’s cloud.

Thru API

Innovate with headless MFT. Thru APIs connect linked applications to automate file transfer processes. For example, our monitoring API integrates Thru’s alerts and activity streams with your IT operations management (ITOM) or security information and event management (SIEM) software such as Splunk or Service Now.

Diagram showing ability to monitor file transfers in SIEM with APIs

Manual File Sharing Connectors

Mockup screenshot showing the ability to attach and save files in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365

Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Plugin

Remove file transfer limits, strengthen security and simplify processes with our Outlook add-in.

  • Send folders and files without size limits.
  • Add secure messages.
  • Set multiple authentication options.

The Microsoft Outlook integration includes a side panel, where users can easily add, download, share and manage files in Thru without leaving Outlook.

Our Microsoft 365 add-in allows direct editing of files stored in Thru. Supported applications include Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Salesforce Connector

Eliminate Salesforce file size limits. With our Salesforce connector, improve your insight into each lead’s journey.

  • Email files stored in our cloud directly from Salesforce for standard or custom objects.
  • See each file distribution and download as a Salesforce activity.
  • Use time-sensitive expiration controls.
  • Read detailed file audit information.
Mockup screenshot showing the ability to send files of any size stored in Thru in Salesforce

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