Thru, Inc – How to Send Large Files using IBM Notes

If your business is using IBM Notes to send large attachments, you probably have run into one of these scenarios:

  1. Poor server performance during peak hours.
  2. Users with multi-gigabyte files aren’t able to send them due to file size limits.
  3. Large files take up limited storage space.

With Thru’s end-to-end file sharing and collaboration platform, you can eliminate file size limits like these not only in IBM Notes, but in all of your existing business applications. Thru gives your organization 360-degree access and ability to sync and share files from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Today we will explain how Thru for IBM Notes can solve your large email attachment challenges.

How It Works

When you sign up with Thru, Inc, you have the option of downloading multiple plugins and apps to access, manage and share your files from the Thru Platform. In this case, you can download the Thru for IBM Notes add-in so you can choose to send large file attachments with Thru and not have to worry about getting a file size limit error. The heavy lifting is done by Thru so that means your server performance is significantly increased and also reduces expensive storage costs. You can choose to send files or folders from the Thru Cloud or your device.

You also get additional features like instant email notifications when recipients download your files. If you need to send sensitive information that you don’t want to be visible in the email body, you can send an encrypted Private Message.

IBM Plugin Interface - 20160630

Recipients of Thru messages receive a secure link to download files and they are branded with your company logo. The link has an expiration date that you can set every time you send a Thru message. You can easily restore these links if you ever need to give access to old messages or revoke access to links immediately.

Receiving Thru Messages

Watch the video below to see a demo of Thru for IBM Notes!

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