IBM Notes® Integration

Enables Unlimited File Sharing

Screen of Thru integration with IBM Notes

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) remains a dominant channel for enterprise communication for many companies, yet large file transfers are limited due to attachment size limits. In addition, IBM Notes does not have the security features in place to protect the transfer of confidential data.

Thru integrates with IBM Notes to remove all file size limits, allowing employees to continue collaborating in IBM Notes without interruption. Integrated seamlessly with the Notes environment and Domino server, users easily send large attachments as normal and transactions are always protected with Thru’s enterprise-grade encryption and antivirus scanning.

Thru integration extends IBM Notes and adds enhanced security and performance to your Domino server.

Streamline policy enforcement

Streamline your policy enforcement by setting file transfer rules

incorporating file transfers into IBM Notes

Replace unsecure FTP servers by incorporating file transfers into existing email processes

Keep business data private in IBM Notes

Keep business data private with encryption of all file transfers

Securely send, track and manage any size file or folder directly from IBM Notes.

secure links

Replace standard file attachments by sending files via secure links

increase server performance and server capacity

Offload large file transfers to Thru to increase server performance and server capacity

track files without changing email workflow

Access, collect, distribute and track files without changing email workflow

Prevent unauthorized access to data with built-in security features.

Control access

Control access to messages and revoke access on demand with expiration control and password authentication

Create, organize or delete your files and folders

Regulate access controls either at the individual or IT level

track report all file activities

Report all file activities based on IP address, device and application

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Berghof Group now has the ability to securely send large files using IBM Notes integrated with Thru.

Contact us to discuss your file exchange challenges and requirements.

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