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As businesses grow and expand global supply and distribution chains, they add more internal applications and partners. Increased cloud adoption and expansion of hybrid integration platforms (HIP) are driving growth in all solution components designed around enterprise integration platforms (EiPaaS). Along with API-based, real-time integration patterns and messaging platforms, organizations need to transfer and share files over the cloud. Their managed file transfer (MFT) component should seamlessly integrate with EiPaaS, file transfer protocols and business applications for automated file transfer or file sharing.

Automated File Transfer Integrations

EiPaaS Connectors

Thru extends MFT capabilities to EiPaaS for a comprehensive integration solution. We developed native connectors for leading EiPaaS platforms such as MuleSoft and Boomi. These connectors are certified and published in their respective application stores. Our connectors streamline the integration process and create a separation of duties. The EiPaaS flow processes the data and passes it in a file format to the Thru flow, which delivers it to the partners. It is similar to how a post office delivers mail to the recipients.

The same process works in reverse when a Thru flow collects the file-based data from the partners. Thru passes the data to an EiPaaS flow for processing and the data is ingested in the enterprise applications. EiPaaS flow developers do not have to program delivery of the data to external entities and process exceptions. This work is offloaded to Thru, where it is handled via web-based configuration. If the enterprise has an extended partner network, we estimate that using Thru should reduce EiPaaS development efforts by about 30%, consequently cutting development costs and improving productivity.

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MFT Protocol Connectors

Thru has built-in support of major MFT protocols and file storage APIs, including SFTP, FTPS, Amazon S3, Azure Blob and HTTPS. It is designed on persistent cloud storage and can work both as a client and as a server for traditional MFT protocols such as SFTP and FTPS. The ability to work as an SFTP/FTPS server makes Thru a drop-in replacement for modernization projects.

Thru Node

Thru Nodes integrate with the enterprise’s file repositories to automatically transfer files between them. Keeping file transfers inside the network improves efficiency and security for the enterprise; this also eliminates the need for gateways. When the node is deployed, it is lightweight. If traffic volumes change, the node auto-scales with demand. The cloud orchestrates file transfers and pushes updates to the node, which executes them automatically. A heartbeat protocol connects two nodes and ensures file transfer continuation in case one fails. The node is highly available and continues to operate if the cloud connection is unavailable.


Our APIs can simplify management or monitoring in Thru. Our management API creates, modifies and deletes Thru entities as needed. To streamline monitoring, our monitoring API connects Thru’s alerts and activity streams to your security information and event management (SIEM) system.

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File Sharing Integrations

Productivity Connectors

Microsoft Outlook & Office 365

We provide an add-in which deeply integrates Thru with Microsoft Outlook for manual file sharing. Users can attach and send files / folders of any size via regular email, add secure messages and set multiple authentication options. Integration includes a Thru Side Panel, where users can easily add, download, share and manage files in Thru without leaving Outlook. Add-ins to Office365 applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint allow direct editing of the files stored in Thru.

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Sync Client for Windows

Our Sync Client for Windows provides continuous and bi-directional synchronization of selected folder trees on a local Windows workstation with Thru’s cloud file system. If multiple users are editing the same file on different workstations, Thru resolves the conflicts. This resolution results in the later copy being propagated to all workstations or multiple copies are automatically created.

CRM Connectors


Eliminate Salesforce limitations on file size and storage costs with our Connector for Salesforce. It enables email distribution of files stored in our cloud directly from Salesforce for standard or custom objects. Each file distribution and download action is recorded as a Salesforce activity and can serve to track business activity or recognize revenue. To ensure security and visibility, time-sensitive expiration controls and detailed file audit information are available.

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