Enhance Your Existing Business Apps with Secure File Sharing

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File sharing limitations within many of today’s enterprise applications have created difficulties for organizations to perform tasks like software delivery, receiving and sending large database files, large email attachment delivery and more.

For example, independent software vendors (ISVs) that use CRMs or home-built portals for technical support have technicians who need to receive large database files for analysis and quickly send back to customers once they are fixed. To exchange these large files with critical information, the enterprise application needs to be able to not only handle the large file size but must be reliable and secure to protect intellectual property. Since many applications like these were not designed to handle large file exchanges out-of-the-box, organizations often experience challenges including:

  • File size limits for uploads and downloads
  • Slow speeds when transferring files across long distances
  • Security of file transfers not sufficient to meet compliance policies and ensure protection
  • Limited transaction records for audit purposes
  • Complexities managing software entitlement for thousands of users
  • Servers often go down resulting in poor user experience and global availability

To solve these issues, companies often adopt solutions like in-house FTP servers to use when file transfers in business applications are over the file size limit. Solutions like FTP may fix a few issues temporarily, but overtime it results in high IT overhead and costs due to the heavy administration to manage user accounts, replace servers, etc. FTP is also very cumbersome to use and was not designed to secure sensitive information.

With Thru, your organization can add secure file sharing to any business application like CRMs, Office 365, IBM Notes, ECMs and more with our out-of-the-box plugins and robust REST and SOAP APIs. Top organizations like Dell EMC have integrated Thru into their existing infrastructure and have experienced benefits like increased security, 100% uptime for file transfers, and significant cost savings by reducing in-house IT and development overhead.

Last week I presented a webinar on how organizations like Dell EMC and VMware have integrated secure file sharing to their enterprise applications with Thru. In this webinar I presented four of the most common use cases that Thru can solve for your organization:

  1. Ad-hoc file transfers with out-of-the-box plugins
  2. Attachment management for support systems and cases
  3. Distribution of software, patches and data
  4. Automation: Sharing with external automated systems and repositories
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