Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

Increase Security and Productivity

Thru, Inc’s Add-In for SharePoint® complements a business’ Microsoft SharePoint extranet and internet portals or websites by allowing more secure and efficient collaboration. This is done by integrating Thru enterprise file sync and sharing functionality, which enables secure publishing or sending of files or folders of any size.


No special training or assistance is required to get users started since it is directly incorporated into the normal workflow of SharePoint. Thru Add-In for SharePoint also greatly simplifies administration by allowing publishing roles to be set and automatic messaging to be incorporated, ensuring that everyone’s data is secure and up-to-date.

With Thru Add-In for SharePoint You Can

Add Security to File Sharing

Protect your SharePoint files from data theft and let administrators track actions and manage file ownership.

SharePoint secure file sharing

Add encryption, passwords, and information rights management protection to files

Verify authenticity, monitor file uploads and downloads, plus create time-sensitive expiration controls

Maintain an audit trail

Maintain an audit trail in real time with intuitive visual dashboards

Publish Seamlessly

Use Thru Add-In for SharePoint™ to quickly and easily publish information directly from SharePoint libraries.

SharePoint secure external publishing
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Publish directly to external web servers without compromising security

Conserve local network and server capacity

Create branded links for external partners, customers, and colleagues

Extend to External Users

Exchanging SharePoint files with external users has limits. Thru lets you securely distribute files worldwide.

SharePoint secure file transfer

Send files without managing additional SharePoint implementations

Access, drag and drop files as attachments from side panel

Exchange files quickly and easily via Thru’s Content Delivery Network

Ensure 24/7 availability with Thru’s 99.99% uptime SLA

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